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The personal blog of a 19 year old girl, just starting out as a sugar baby.
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Me after watching Toy Story
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Optimus Prime Dubstep Beatbox by Jake Foushee
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Baby Lion cub - Vine By: Saud_a_alsaud
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How normal girls laugh vs. My laugh


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Anonymous asked: What's a POT & what's the did between him & a sd?


POT is potential sugar daddy. And sd is sugar daddy usually you call a guy a POT once you’ve set up a date and are going on it.

Well damn.


I feel like this is the most difficult thing ever. I spam. To see if anyone would be interested. And I get one response back. He was looking for a relationship . No allowance nothing. And another pot was saying how cute I’d be with out my tattoos…. This is gunna be tough. Super close to giving up the whole thing

It doesssnt happennnn over nighttt stick with it :)

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The pot I never met.


Well haven’t met yet,

I’ll call him mr.movie cause he finances movies or something like that. We met on Ashley Madison.

He’s Infatuated with me right now.

Already got me a 250$ Victoria secret egift card.

Gonna buy me another gift card tonight I’m thinking MAC or sephora but I really should get clothes…

Gett itt

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